Hi my name is Jonas Nørregaard

Im 44 years old. Married and a father of three. Im a hunter, fisher and outdoors man. I live in the countryside…about as far as you can get here in the little nation of Denmark. Actually right in the middle of the National park of Mols Bjerge

Im also a graphic designer and creative director and i love to photograph, draw, and do other creative stuff.

This blog is made to share my passion and let you have look into what i do and why i do it.

Im no expert. But i have a many years of experience, from hunting trips all over Europe, greenland and canoe expeditions to arctic Canada. And of course my backcountry right here in Mols Bjerge

I know experts. I have many friends both hunters and other super clever guys that i consider to be experts. They have given and continue to give me so many ideas and bright insights

Curios and eager to learn. On my way i keep stumpeling on insights and interesting stuff i will post.

So hang on, share and let me know your opinion on the topics

My daughter, me … and a roebuck

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