Update on my roebuck hunting experiences so far this may-june

Regarding the roebucks until now has been without success. A few close calls in the very beginning of the season, I have been within bow shooting range three times. The first of the close call I was out manoeuvred by a buck I have been following on trailcam and by binos for a long time.

Stalking with bow is pretty hard, but my Sitka Gear outfit sure helps

I saw the guy by car, and walked around the plantation to get the right wind. The last 200 meters was belly flat on ground. The plantation I was rounding is pretty wet, so I wasn’t expecting the buck to choose that path. But that was exactly what he did. Bogger! he saw me and visa versa at the same time at that time only 15 meters separated us. What I shame and a lesson learned. Roebucks now and then tends to choose the wet trail, even though they are not supposed to.

The second buck, a young spiker, I managed to get within 20 meters of. I saw him as I was approaching my car and by the time I was close enough he was bedding and I was only able to se ears and spikes now and then. I was in a perfect position, but when he finally stood up, he turned around and walked away slowly, never giving me a chance to shoot.

The final and really embarrassing and dumb thing i did this year was to let and arrow pass 10 cm above another young bucks bag!!! It happened due to stupidity and lack of experience with my Tru Glo bow sight. (single pin) So far i have been shooting it with the same setting 20 m. And then making my own adjustments if the target was further or closer. A few days before the encounter I added settings for 25 m. and 30 m. But you know what! When you forget to adjust the setting from 30 m. back to 20 the arrow darts to high! A big lesson learned. Luckily no beasts were injured.

My Mathews Chill R bow and the target face being used for the bowhunting exam in Denmark

Since my last post me and my family have moved to a new (1925) house only a few km. from our old place and still within the national park. I have allready seen at least to really nice mature bucks in the area. Slo lets see what the next weeks brings…. Still bow only!

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